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The cumbersome preparation of documents, going through many stages, contacting many agencies to carry out the procedures to apply for an approval letter during the Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in many businesses sponsoring foreign experts giving up applying for the document themselves. Instead, they choose to use the service of applying for entry approval letters to reduce any costs incurred, ensuring quick results. Instead of searching for how to do it, please contact PNVT for advice and assistance in applying for approval letters. We have 12 years’ experience in rendering this service, so you should be completely reassured of the results and the service quality.

Apply for approval letter on arrival

Why should we use the service of applying for approval letters?

– The procedure is cumbersome due to different regulations and new documents in application for the entry approval letter during the Covid-19 epidemic, so it is necessary to fill out many forms and contact many agencies.

– Having difficulty in contacting the agencies related to the application process for entry to Vietnam

– Travel costs may be recurrent and time-consuming, which may delay your schedules and plans

– No or little time to prepare or process documents

– Lack or less experience in applying for an approval letter for entry into Vietnam.

– Having difficulty to apply for an urgent entry visa to Vietnam

– Spending a lot of time studying regulations, laws, and procedures, etc.

So, instead of preparing your own documents and carrying out the procedures to apply for entry to Vietnam, you are advised to engage a consulting service company.

service of applying for approval letter on arrival

When to use the service to apply for approval letters?

You should use the service to apply for entry to Vietnam when you encounter the following situations:

– Businesses, agencies and organizations within Vietnam wishing to employ foreign workers to improve their production and business during the Covid-19 epidemic. Businesses that do not have experience or human resources to spend time on studying and processing documents want to have fast and guaranteed entry approval letters.

– Currently foreigners are investors, experts, technical workers, managers abroad, want to enter Vietnam to work, who are negative Covid-19 test results and not crimes, etc.
Address of the provider of the reliable service of applying for approval letters in Ho Chi Minh City

PNVT is a company that has been operating and developing for more than 12 years carrying out administrative procedures for foreigners in Vietnam and Vietnamese people travelling abroad.

If you are interested in coming to our office, please see the contact details below:

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company Limited (referred to as PNVT)

– Address: 217/2A1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Email: – Phone: 028 3514 7944

– Opening hours (Monday through Friday)

+ Morning: 8:00 – 12:00

+ Afternoon: 13:15-17:15

What does PNVT support you in applying for the approval letter?

– Providing the forms, instructions to fill in the forms;

– Handling in a package the application of approval letter for foreigners to enter Vietnam issued by the People’s Committee;

– Providing A-Z support in applying for visa approval letter at the Immigration Department;

– Guiding the implementation of the quarantine plan, submitting isolation plan documents to the Department of Health;

– Providing all necessary information for businesses, foreigners when they want to enter Vietnam and the entire process before boarding the plane and after getting off the plane;

– Giving advice on other relevant administrative procedures: work permit, temporary residence card, driver’s license change, visa extension, etc.

support in applying for approval letter on arrival

How long does it take for PNVT to apply for entry approval letters?

With a team of professionals who are diligent, proactive, mastering all the steps of each type of application document, we are a multi-service company, so this advantage has enabled us to process applications for entry documents quickly.

The service of applying for approval letters rendered by PNVT normally takes about 3-5 working weeks, depending on a particular case and time, which may be longer.

How much does PNVT charge our service of applying for entry approval letters?

The fee for PNVT’s for the service of applying for entry approval letters covers the government charge (which will be paid to the competent authorities) and expert’s application support fee. Besides, the service fee for applying for entry approval letters will be adjusted accordingly provided that it is for the mutual benefits (customer and PNVT). Therefore, for the service fee to apply for entry approval letters to Vietnam now, you should contact us.

Why choose the service of applying for entry approval letters by PNVT?

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in immigration procedures, so we will:

– Consult in the procedure in an extremely simple, easy to understand but complete manner

– Regularly update the processing status and always inform our customer of the results

– Process visa application to Vietnam as a package

– The processing period shall take about 3-5 weeks. (Some cases may take longer for reasons beyond our control)

– Settle all arising situations, difficult ones

– No additional service fees which have been agreed and for each case.

– Shorten the time, save costs for you (as compared to self-reliant guests)

– Always be there for foreigners in Vietnam during all the procedures.

– Provide support in document delivery, home delivery if requested.

Service of applying for entry approval letters in Ho Chi Minh City and extended services

With more than 12 years of existence, PNVT has expanded the items and scope of services to customers. Up to now, we have been trusted by many domestic and foreign customers to use the following services:

1. Certified translation of documents

2. Applying for entry approval letter to Vietnam

3. Applying for work permits in full package

4. Consular legalization of documents

5. Applying for temporary residence cards

6. Vietnam visa extension

7. Driver’s license change

8. Visa exemption certificate

9. Fast passport consulting service

10. VIP pick-up service at Tan Son Nhat Airport, etc.

It’s not an easy job to apply for an entry visa, so using the immigration service is considered a wise solution. Businesses, agencies and organizations should carefully investigate the information before performing the procedure. It is because “one mistake leads to another”, in many cases, the procedures have to be suspended or be interrupted for not figuring out how to solve a problem. Therefore, as an expert in this field, we recommend you should ask for PNVT’s advice and support. PNVT does not keep anything from you, after the advice, if you can do it yourself, we are happy. But if you would like PNVT to help you get an approval letter, it’s our pleasure to do so. Call us anytime, 24/7. Contact us for the best advice and support!


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