Confidentiality term

We have more than 13 years of working experience in the fields of translation services, as well as support services related to advertising and organizing tours, general office administrative services. Given that, we fully understand the importance of confidentiality to customers. Our privacy policy ensures that information related to customers should not be disclosed to any other third parties.

Confidentiality term

Scope of confidentiality

  • Information about the name, address, email address, phone number,or other information related to customers
  • Documents related to transactions with customer
  • Other related reference documents.

Purpose and scope of information collection

All information that could be seen on our website is for the purpose of helping customers to understand more about our service. In case customers need to register to use our service, we may ask them to provide personal information.

Information provided by customers will be carefully considered for the pupose of analysing customers’needs. We will contact via email, messages or phone to introduce our service or ask for more information if needed.

If customers agree to provide information to us, they accept that it will be used for the purpose mentioned above.

Scope of information use

Customers should understand and accept the fact that information provided when using our website could be stored in our email. If customers agree to use our service and send requests or feedbacks to our website, we could contact them regarding that issue.

Unless it is required by existing law, we shall not disclose customer information to any other third party without the customer’s permission. However, in some cases, it is necessary to send information to the third party. For example, regarding notarized translation, we need to send documents to notary offices for notarization. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about confidentiality as these offices are required to use customer information for the notarization purpose only and we also request them to comply with confidentiality terms.

We are not allowed to let any other third party to access and retrieve customer information unless it is required by an authorised party according to Vietnamese law.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of customer information. We shall not make use of customer information for any commercial purposes

Information storage period

Customer information such as name, phone number, email can be stored at our email and this storage can last for 5-6 years from provision date. In case customers want to find such information or information related to previous transactions, we can provide support for this. However, please keep in mind that when a transaction is finished, we only keep information for storage purpose only.

Customer information management platform

We use our company email to collect and store customer information. Such information is used for the purpose of service consulting and transaction.

Tools for customers to access and update their information

When service registration has been done, customers can send emails to us. Email is a tool for information exchange between us and customers. Therefore, it is necessary to provide us with a valid email address.

We use emails to send information related to transactions or to receive customer requirements. If the email address that was provided at the time of registration is no longer in use, please note us of this change.

If we find any fraud or suspicion in transaction via email, we may temporarily refuse to receive further information or request until we can contact customers for confirmation.

Commitment to protect customer information

When creating this website, we already set out rules about information confidentiality to prevent illegal access and inappropriate use of customer information.

As we understand that no technical system is absolutely safe from information hackers, we always strive to take appropriate precautions based on the characteristics of information in order to prevent and minimize the risks when customers use this website

External links of website

This website may contain links to other websites with the purpose of introducing and supplementing information so that customers can have a more comprehensive look of our website.

Change of rules

We could change, update, add or remove the above mentioned rules. Besides, we could temporarily suspend this website without prior notice. If such change may cause inconvenience to customers, we will notify customers via email in advance or make a notice on this website.

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