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Vietnamese Translation Company – Phu Ngoc Viet Translation (PNVT) has been the most Trusted translation company in Vietnam. Our achievement results from the devotion and non-stop efforts of an experienced team of translators who have been in real practice of many fields (covering translate English Vietnamese, vietnamese to english translation). PNVT – a Vietnam Translation Company – came into shape for the purpose of connecting languages in a Global business environment. With us, languages are conveyed in their most “explicit interpretation”. Gradually, we connect Vietnam’s business to the World.

translation company in vietnam

Why not choose us – Trusted Vietnamese translation company?

PNVT gains its reputation in the translation industry (including translate english vietnamese and vietnamese to english) with a professionally trained team specialized in the practice of written and oral translation, together with freelancers who are Professors, Doctors, Physicians, Engineers, Lawyers, Instructors from Universities and officials from consulates, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and high-caliber experts who owns the zeal and good sense of responsibility. Hence, we always create high-quality translation that combines creativity, accuracy, localized styles and terminology to please target readers.

In order to bring most benefits to you (you don’t need to come and go many times, especially when you are a foreigner or a newcomer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), we offer:

  • Notarized translation
  • Consular certification
  • Consular legalization / consular authentication

We provide professional translation services in a variety of fields such as economics, techniques, medicine, cuisine, tender projects … and particularly, lawfully notarized translation of commercial contracts and overseas study documents.

With its dedication and prestige, PNVT has been assigned to serve many of the major customers: PetroVietnam, VCCI, Indochina-Group, BAT, Sawaco, Vinaconec, LICOGI 18, Sacomreal, Zuellig Pharma …

As a foreigner entering Vietnam, you have to care a lot of things like accommodation, traveling and:

  1. Approval letter upon arrival: When you decide to come to Vietnam, first thing you need to do is to apply for an approval letter upon arrival that is sometimes called a visa permit. This letter enables you to apply for a landing visa when you clear customs at Tan Son Nhat Airport.
  2. All-in landing visa or airport pickup service: provided by PNVT really impresses foreigners from the time of getting of the airplane to the time of getting out of the airport.
  3. Visa extension: When your visa nearly expires and you wanna stay longer, contact us for visa renewal. Just 1 or 2 days before visa expiration, just your original passport, we can make your visa prolonged as expected.
  4. Work permit: When you are a foreign worker and you wanna work legally in a Vietnamese company, you are required to obtain a work permit. This work permit is valid for 2 years and enables you to apply for a temporary resident card. However, the paperwork for a work permit is much, like a bachelor’s degree, employment certificate, criminal records etc that sometimes cause you troublesome.
  5. Temporary resident card (TRC): To stay legally in Vietnam, you need to get a temporary residence card. When you have a work permit, it’s easy for you to get a TRC. If you’re afraid of working with Vietnamese authorities, PNVT is willing to help you out.
  6. Driver’s license exchange: For traveling in Vietnam, especially when you owns a car or a bike, a Vietnamese driving license is required for any driver. PNVT can help you convert your foreign driver’s license into a Vietnamese equivalent.

You can call Mrs. Ngọc at 84-977 97 99 96 for the said 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 services.

PNVT is proud to be an accredited agent for many companies, foreigners so far. We are certified by Ministry of Industry and Trade (or Bộ Công Thương in Vietnamese), you can read more here.

PNVT has registered its exclusive translation trademark under the certificate no 4-2009-09282 on 15 June 2009 by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

When you’re in need (translate english vietnamese and vietnamese to english), we’ll stand by you to help you out as your friends – Accredited Translation Company in Vietnam. It is our pleasure to serve You!

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