Transportation, Guidance to Cambodia & Visa Stamping Service at Moc Bai Border Gate

When the entry document for Vietnam indicates visa issuance at Moc Bai Border Gate, Tay Ninh, and you are unsure about how to obtain and affix the visa, let us assist you in moving to the border gate, accompanying and guiding you through the immigration procedures between Vietnam and Cambodia swiftly, and return within the day, with extremely friendly costs.

Travelling through Cambodia and re-entering Vietnam on the same day by affixing the visa at Moc Bai Border Gate is the optimal choice, saving costs and time for many foreigners. Additionally, this solution is widely used by those with a 5-year visa exemption certificate in Vietnam.

Transportation Service, Visa Stamping Guidance at Moc Bai Border Gate

Waiting, feeling lost, worried, and anxious about not knowing how to go to the Border Gate for visa stamping in Vietnam is a state of mind for many foreigners who are doing the procedure for the first time. Now, you no longer have to struggle and worry like that. Upon receiving the entry document, if you avail the transportation and visa stamping guidance service from PNV, you will receive:

  •  Pick-up and drop-off services (from Ho Chi Minh City to Moc Bai Border Gate and vice versa).
  • A guide accompanying you to assist with the procedures (Vietnam exit, Cambodia entry, Cambodia exit, and then re-entry into Vietnam).
  • Assistance in checking documents, ensuring that the visa stamping process proceeds smoothly and quickly.
  •  Flexible handling of unexpected situations (if any issues arise, they will be promptly resolved, saving time and effort).
  • Comprehensive support service with a total duration of 7-8 hours (return within the day) at an extremely reasonable cost. Call the hotline now for support and detailed price quotes.

Pick-up and drop-off services

Benefits of Choosing PNV’s Services

Frequently providing pick-up and drop-off services for those undergoing immigration procedures at Moc Bai Border Gate – Tay Ninh, the PNV team is familiar with the route, regulations, and procedures for immigration. Choosing our transportation and visa stamping guidance service at Moc Bai Border Gate, you will feel comfortable and extremely reassured. Because:

  • No need to struggle to find transportation, book a vehicle, buy tickets, or figure out how to get to the immigration location (Not getting lost or losing direction in an unfamiliar place).
  • Save time waiting in line, no need to wait too long.
  • No more confusion when filling out forms/communicating with the police at the border.
  • We provide thorough guidance, giving detailed instructions, so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of or deceived.
  •  Eliminate the fear of being alone, as we stand by your side and pick you up on time.

Therefore, if you need visa stamping at Moc Bai Border Gate, Tay Ninh, call PNV immediately. Currently, our service is evaluated as the cheapest, highest quality, safest, and most reputable in Ho Chi Minh City.

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