Certified translation of health declaration of Covid-19 vaccination

One day service for certified translation of health declaration of Covid-19 vaccination. Phú Ngọc Việt Team, fully staffed and able to deliver translation of more than 40 languages. If you are to enter Vietnam, with the consular authentication vaccination proof on hand, it will help you move around, work, acquire experience with ease.

The need for authentication of Covid-19 vaccination

Upon the impact of the Covid-19 infection, in order to loosen the restriction of social-work distance, countries’ implementation was to have people vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated will be able to participate all societal activities without limitation. Furthermore, those who have proofs of vaccination will have time of quarantine reduced when travel abroad.

From those countries’ implementations, in order to travel freely at home and abroad, more people are seeking to have their health declaration to be consular authenticated. As such, services for consular authentication expanded greatly.

Certified translation of health declaration of Covid-19 vaccination

Notice for Covid-19’s consular authentication

Any Covid-19 vaccination paper can be authenticated by consular. However, you need to know the following information:

  • Covid-19 vaccination paper issued by hospitals – public or private – with the official round seal can be translated, copied, and authenticated by a consul.
  • Vaccination paper issued by a private hospital with a square seal can be translated and certified, but can not be copied or consular authentication.

Advantages with the PNVT’s Covid-19 certified translation of Covid-19 vaccination paper

  • Quick translated, certified copy and consular authentication.
  • Provided the certified translated copy with acute translation in a handsome format.
  • Result provided within a day (for those popular languages such as English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Italian). Other languages take seven to ten days since it needs to be authenticated in Hanoi, and since the transportation movement is still limited.
  • Provide postal or home delivery.

Translation and certification cost at PNVT Services

The cost depends on the language of the vaccination paper that is translated and certified. Please call PNVT to get the particular information.

Aside from certified translations of Covid-19 vaccination paper, or other legal papers, PNVT Services also provide other consular services in a quick manner. Please call our hotline for free consultation.

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