Complete visa approval letters (entry documents) for foreigners

With the complicated Coronavirus COVID-19 in the background, there are a limited number of foreign technicians that are allowed to enter into Vietnam. The technique to have the key to get a quick entry visa during the Coronavirus impact will save time and expenses.

Procedures to file for visa approval letter (entry document)

Foreign technicians with work permits are those with priority to enter into Vietnam during the coronavirus time. The National COVID-19’s Prevention and Fight Committee has issued the directive 5322/CV-BCD to guide and help with foreign workers’ entry into and work in Vietnam.

The followings are the five-step procedure for the visa approval letter into Hochiminh City

  1. Acquire entry permission document (or pre-approval letter of consent – PLOC) from HCM City’s People Committee-Labor Department.
  2. Acquire entry permission document (or visa approval letter) from the National Immigration Department
  3. Hotel registration
  4. Transportation registration
  5. Airline ticket

In case a foreign worker is to work in province but enter and be quarantined in HCM City, he/she is to acquire the permission paper from Provincial People’s Committee.

approval letter

Procedure to request for visa approval letter or entry permit into HCM City

Step 1: Acquiring a pre-approved letter of consent from the people’s committee – Department of Labors, Invalids and Social Affairs (or the Labor Department in short).

Vietnamese business entity when sponsoring for entry visa needs to have document requesting visa for foreign worker to the Labor Department.
Here the Department will look at the request and then send the papers to the People’s Committee for approval. With complete and correct documents, business entity will receive the result.

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Documents to be sent to the Labor Department:

  1. Business operation permit of the business entity which sponsors. to be certified by local authority.
  2. Foreign worker passport with worker’s information
  3. Introduction letter; registration form for entry permit; official letter of commitment from the Labor Department; list of suggested experts to enter into Vietnam – provided by PNVT.

Step 2: Acquiring visa approval letter
After receiving the consent letter from the People’s committee, the business entity continues to prepare the necessary documents for visa to enter into Vietnam, in order to complete the entry permit process.

Documents needed for entry visa

  1. 1. Pre-approved letter of consent from People’s committee
  2. 2. Proof of airline ticket and hotel registration
  3. 3. Work schedule of foreign worker in Vietnam; and Form NA2 requesting for issuance of visa approval letter; Form NA16 – supplied by PNVT

Step 3: After successfully acquired the above-mentioned documents, the business entity prepares to have the quarantine schedule and sends it to the Health Bureau’s Preventive Medical Center for approval.

Documents to submit to the Health Bureau

  1. Confirmed booking of travel ticket and hotel quarantine in Vietnam
  2. Pre-approval letter of consent from the committee.
  3. Visa approval letter from Immigration Bureau.

Foreign worker with vaccine passport or two-shot vaccination certificate – with diplomatic letter – will be concentrated quarantine center, and will be observed thereafter. If certain condition is not met, the quarantine period will be 14 days as currently required.

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Difficulty for foreigners to seek entry into Vietnam

  • Constant change and tightened condition of entry during the Coronavirus environment is complicated, time consuming with more documents required.
  • Case with no work schedule and plan, no explanation of the situation that require entry permit, as well as no quarantine planning, transportation as per requirement … will be denied by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – particularly Hochiminh City Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDC).
  • With documents to be filed with many offices/bureau; forms to be had and Selecting quarantine center … those cause business owners facing difficulties in requesting entry visa for foreign workers, with time and labor spent.

Knowing and understanding in requesting for entry permit, PNVT is in the Business to help. PNVT provides the whole package of filing for entry visa in the most convenient and economical ways.

Please check out our complete entry visa package for foreigners

With many years of experience in filing for visa, our complete package includes

  • Filing for entry letter from the labor department.
  • Filing for entry visa once every three months with the Immigration Bureau
  • Filing for quarantine plan with the Health Bureau’s Center for Disease Control
  • Applying Coronavirus germicide for the entrée
  • Help foreigners to file for document at the gate of entry
  • Provide entrée with transportation with health worker escort from entry point to quarantine hotel or resort
  • Guarantee a safe and comfortable quarantine setting. One customer per room in four-star, 90-square-foot room, hotel; 3-meal per day, with free internet wifi
  • Coronavirus checks during the quarantine and certify the completion of quarantine by the Health Bureau’s certification.

Why selecting PNVT services

  • Advices and counsel for logical procedure to save time and money
  • PNVT represents you to work with the authorities, explains your case
  • Providing means of quarantine, get the forms completed on the first day.
  • Help with the entry visa documents.
  • Fees are set in advance.
  • Convenient way to pay the bill.
  • Delivery to requested address.

Besides the complete visa services, PNVT also provides 24/7 service for worker permit, or any other requests. Please call us at 0977 97 99 96 for free advices.

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