Latest information of entry permit for technician workers in Vietnam

The latest entry permit information mentioned here is for the technician workers who have had two shots of COVID-19 prevention vaccine. Furthermore, information regarding visa extension, filing, and work permit certification is also provided in details.

Vietnam approval letter

Vietnam work permit

The latest information

Foreign workers must stay in a Health Department-approved COVID-19 quarantine locations.

Health Department Directive 6288/BYT-MT states that there is a period of seven-day quarantine for a worker who has must two-shot certification (or certification paper proves that he is fully treated and recover from the Coronavirus), and that he has to have paper shown negative Coronavirus 72 hours before entry.

After entering Vietnam, workers will be continuously observed at his place of staying. In other different situation, he would have to be quarantined by the current rules.

latest information of entry permit for technician workers in Vietnam

Entry permit regulations

Directive 5322/CV-BCĐ guides foreign worker and visitor on covid-19 prevention states:

  • Worker must have SARS-COV-2 PCR three days before entering Vietnam.
  • The foreigner must have international insurance, or that the inviting party in Vietnam must guarantee to cover the covid-19’s treatment expenses if that situation occurs.
  • The foreign worker must adhere to regulations regarding prevention of Coronavirus, place of work and stay, and will accept the legal penalty if the rules are broken.

Regulations on work permit

In regarding to foreign workers who seek entry into Vietnam, Directive 105/NQ-CP on Sept. 9, 2021 states the regulations for creating a flexible means of accepting, extending, and granting work permits to foreign workers. The regulations as follows:

  • Foreign technician who has a four-year degree or equivalent, plus three years of working experience, expecting to have equitable job in Vietnam.
  • Technical workers are those who were trained at least one year in technological fields and with three working years in related experiences.
  • Documents proving technical experience include degree certificates, certificates of technical knowledge/ trainings, or other paper, official letters from original countries state the bearer’s expertise.
  • It’s permissible for foreign workers who have valid work permits to be transferred to another work location for a duration of six months or less. They must report to the local labor office without the need to remake the work permit.

Directive 105/NQ-CP can be seen here.

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