Easily extending visa in 3 days for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City

In a short time, foreigners cannot handle Vietnam visa extension by themselves, especially when falling into the situation: the visa will expire in a few days or is overdue, facing the risk of administrative sanctions, even deportation from Vietnam. This worry results in loss of appetite and sleep in many people. While you are confused for not knowing how to extend a visa, you do not have any experience, worried about language barriers that will make it difficult for carrying out the procedures, there is a way to help you easily renew your visa in just 3 business days.

vietnam visa extension

Vietnam visa extension is required when a foreigner wants to continue to legally reside in Vietnam. According to Article 17 of Decree 167/2013/ND-CP dated November 12, 2013, foreigners who enter, work or perform other activities in Vietnam without the permission of Vietnamese competent authorities will be fined between VND 15,000,000 and VND 25,000,000.

Cases of visa violations are subject to administrative penalties up to VND 40 million, visa withdrawal, blacklisting, and even expulsion from the territory of Vietnam (these cases will be getting more attention from competent authorities, which makes them even more difficult to return to Vietnam).

A visa is a document issued by a Vietnamese immigration authority allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam. Those who have expired visas must proceed with visa extension procedures as prescribed if they want to extend their stay in Vietnam.

If you have never done visa extension procedures, and are inexperienced in preparing, arranging documents, filling out application forms, foreigners cannot quickly process their applications, let alone in urgent need of a visa, because it takes a lot of time to study, consider and handle papers according to the current regulations. In fact, it is difficult to avoid the shortcomings, returned application documents, required to re-process, even you have to travel many times, so it is impossible to apply for fast (urgent) Vietnam visa extension if you yourself do it, which has many potential problems, taking a lot of time and effort and additional unnecessary expenses.

How to extend a visa urgently in 3 business days?

Foreigners will carry out the Vietnam visa extension procedures at the competent authorities.

Foreigners can apply for a Vietnam visa or extend a Vietnam visa at one of the following authorities of Vietnam: 1) The Immigration Department. 2) Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in the foreign country. 3) An international airport in Vietnam. 4) An immigration department of the provincial and municipal Police Department.

If foreigners carry out the procedure for visa extension themselves, they have to spend time waiting to submit their documents at the competent authorities. In about 5-10 business days, they will get feedback on the results of the visa extension.

However, when you need to extend a Vietnam visa urgently, it is best to go to a professional and reputable visa extension service provider who have many years’ experience in the field of immigration processing.

In particular, if you want to make sure you get the results of your visa within 3 working days, please call PNVT to receive specific advice and instructions soon. Currently PNVT provides visa extension service, EASY and FAST WITH RESULTS, with only 3 WORKING DAYS.

vietnam visa extension for 3 working days

Surprised with the benefits of visa extension at PNVT?

The reason why PNVT can support urgent visa extension in 3 business days is we are local staffs with easy access to different authorities. We have the potential and ability to give advice and support for visa extension procedures in Vietnam in 64 provinces and cities:

  • On-site experts are ready to deal with all urgent 3-day visa extensions: PNVT regularly updates new legal regulations, masters the process, understands how to handle each type of document and form, with many years of solving emergency cases, handling all additional situations, willing to work hard to support any type of documents.
  • Direct processing, full package of visa extension from A to Z, without going through any intermediary stages (including translation, notarization and consular legalization) should shorten the processing time, minimizing costs for our customers.
  • Give advice on the required documents for visa extension from the beginning, especially the detailed discussion of visa extension procedures, helping customers to solve all matters, ensuring meeting the goal in a convenient, easy way which can save our customers’ money.
  • Suggesting many different solutions, suitable options (depending on each case) during the first transaction, we help you choose the most optimal, economical and effective plan.
  • Supporting in solving cases of visa extension with wrong purposes, visa conversion in accordance with the applicable laws, keep foreigners from worries and problems.
  • Solving the situation of returned visa extension documents, incomplete, invalid documents as prescribed by the applicable laws, so that foreigners can be reassured to work, make personal plans as they are inexperienced and do not have time processing the documents.

3-day visa extension

Foreigners are authorized to legally reside in Vietnam when they have obtained one of the following documents: 1) Permanent residence card; 2) Temporary residence card; 3) Visa; 4) 5-year visa exemption certificate. In order to get one of the above documents, a foreigner must satisfy the conditions for carrying out the procedures of such document in accordance with the laws.

In some cases, foreigners will be able to do 2 or 3 types of procedures. Others are only able to perform one type of procedure and there are also some cases where the conditions for any residence procedures are not satisfied. So there are also cases where foreigners are not allowed to choose any type of residence document in Vietnam, and there are also cases where there are more options.

vietnam visa renewal

In addition, when you choose PNVT’s  visa extension service, foreigners are also supported with:

– Guide for immigration procedures at the airports and international border gates

– Advice, support to handle late, overdue visas

– Free translation, notarization, consular legalization of Vietnam visa extension documents.

– Reminder of the visa extension schedule (as requested by customer)

– Delivery of results at home (as requested by customer)

– Advice, support with visa extension procedures for foreigner’s family members (spouse, children) and other procedures such as: applying for a temporary residence card (if eligible), applying for a 5-year visa exemption certificate, applying for a work permit, converting a foreign driver’s license, etc.

Need instructions on the visa extension process in 3 days at PNVT?

PNVT can extend the visa in 3 business days because our experts know how to handle the application, arrange a clear workflow, guide the procedure very meticulously and specifically:

Step 1: Deliver or mail your documents to PNVT office (following documents should be ready: passport and the valid visa, document evidence on eligibility for extension. For the application form, PNVT will guide the implementation.).

You should first send the documents via zalo/email for PNVT to give advice, which will be more convenient, as when we see the documents, we will give an informed, specific advice right from the beginning.

In case your visa is overdue or late, you should call us to get advice from PNVT’s experts and handle it immediately, avoiding cases of not knowing the law, committing acts of breach that leads to more violations.

In case a foreigner fails to notify a competent authority of a loss or damage of a Vietnamese visa or any deletion, correction, or falsification of the form or substance stated on the visa will be fined from 500,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND.

In case foreigners use fake visas to exit, enter, transit, or reside in Vietnam, a fine of between VND 5,000,000 and VND 10,000,000 shall be charged. For foreigners who forge documents and papers to obtain a visa or forge a Vietnamese visa, a fine of between VND 30,000,000 and VND 40,000,000 shall be imposed. In severe cases, your visa will be confiscated and you are deported from Vietnam.

Step 2: After doing some research, giving advice and reviewing your visa extension case, PNVT will provide an economical, effective solution, suggesting the most appropriate solution. When you agree to use the service, PNVT will issue a receipt or confirm by text/email about the receipt of your documents (if you mail your application documents to our office).

Payment method: You can deposit a part or pay 100% of the service fee to make a temporary residence card before or after receiving the result by bank transfer or cash.

Step 3: You fill out the form as instructed by PNVT. Once completed, we will regularly update the information and will notify you when the results are available.

Step 4: Delivery of the result document at PNVT office (remember to bring the receipt). In case, deliver the results at home, PNVT will notify you in advance so that you can schedule to receive the results at the place requested by you. 

PNVT visa extension service eliminates all foreigner’s problems

You cannot perform urgent visa extension procedures by yourselves, but for a visa extension service, many new foreigners in Vietnam do not know where to find a reputable visa extension service?

To avoid “being fooled” as in the following case, you can go to the PNVT visa extension service.

A true story of Mr. S. K – an Indian expat

I am a yoga teacher, came to Vietnam in 2019. I entered on a tourist visa to learn about the needs, seek career development opportunities in Vietnam. Recommended by some people at the Yoga Center in Binh Phuoc, I started working here, however, after a short time, I stopped teaching. At this time, my visa was also about to expire, I was struggling and not knowing what to do. I got to know a woman who said she could help me with the procedure to extend a Vietnam tourist visa. I had to spend a lot of money to renew my visa, and the woman kept my passport and wanted me to marry her. At that time, I felt awful and depressed until I met sincere Vietnamese people, really kind people, who helped me out and I regained trust with the people in this country.

PNVT is a multi-service company with 13 years of handling reputable immigration procedures in Ho Chi Minh City. PNVT always keeps track of the file, regularly updates the information, so customers will feel secure when they are kept posted of the status of processing by us.

Especially, PNVT treats your visa extension as doing our own administrative procedures; We give advice for the exact procedure, solve the main problem from the very beginning to ensure that the visa extension is approved for the first time, there will be absolutely no situation of having to re-process the application, causing distraction, waste of time and effort from our customers as well as those of ours and the authorities.

Moreover, we absolutely do not exaggerate the complexity of the procedures to confuse customers for using our service. Normally, through consulting and guiding procedures, we always encourage our customers to do the procedures by themselves so that you can experience and be proactive when staying in Vietnam. In case of urgent need to use the visa extension service, PNVT is always ready to support, especially in case of overdue visa to minimize economic damage as well as other benefits of customers.

visa extension service


  • We provide visa extension service within 3 business days for complete documents.
  • Delivery of approval documents as scheduled;
  • The approval document of visa extension is 100% real;
  • All arising problems of the visa extension application will be solved by PNVT without incurring additional costs;
  • If there is an error that belongs to a typo, the PNVT will ask the competent authority to correct the incorrect information stated on the visa extension approval document.
  • PNVT meets the need to complete visa extension procedures from A to Z, 100% free translation fee, notarization, consular legalization of required documents.
  • WHAT WE SAY WE WILL DELIVER and we are absolutely consistent in required documents and fees. We will refund 100% if we fail to help you get the approval document of the Vietnam visa extension.
  • Support with home delivery (as requested by our customer)

So, when the visa has only a few days to expire, instead of spending time investigating reputable visa extension services in Vietnam, please come to PNVT visa extension service. With many years of experience in handling administrative procedures for expats, we will solve all your difficulties and problems, help you get visa extension approval document in 3 business days, minimize costs and effort to carry out procedures for you. Please quickly press the register button for advice and support for the best services.

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