Entry procedure for foreigners who have been vaccinated

Entry into Vietnam is simple and convenient for those who have been vaccinated. If and when the foreigner possesses diplomatic introduction letter, or documents show that the person has received two doses of vaccine, he/she would be quarantined for seven days.

Latest information of Vietnam entry permit

Foreign technicians need to know the latest information regarding steps to take for entry into Vietnam per Circular numbers 3428/ TTKSBT-KHNV; 2974/LS-PS and 3185/BGN-LS

Foreign technicians are only to be quarantined in commune setting for only seven days if

  • Official documents showing that the holder has twice been vaccinated anti covid19; documents certified by diplomatic agencies or by embassy/consulate that the holder is free of disease. The last vaccination must be at least 14 days and no later than 12 months to the day of entry.
  • Negative test for SAR-Cov-2, no later than 72 hours before departing, with certified certificate provided by the testing country.

Those who are not complied with the above-mentioned requirements will be quarantined for 14 days.

The test for COVID virus will be carried out twice in seven days; 24 hours before departure or when in initial quarantine, and seven days after the entry date.

Entry procedure for foreigners who have been vaccinated

Procedures for entry into Vietnam 2021

  1. Pre-approved letter of consent (PLOC) from Hochiminh City People’s committee
  2. Visa approval letter regarding permission of the specialist’s entry from the Immigration Department
  3. Hotel registration
  4. Specify mode of transportation from airport to accommodation place
  5. Airline ticket

Problem with filing application for entry with foreigners

It takes a person with long experience in preparing documents for foreigners to gain entry into Vietnam. Complicated procedures, many steps to go through, a lot of offices and agencies to visit … those difficulties can lead to more expenses and sometimes application is rejected due to insufficient documents.

Hence, PNVT is the answer to those costly mistakes with our resourceful and experienced advices.

What can PNVT help you for entry permit?

  • Counseling the entire procedure of applying for entry permit
  • Providing the whole entry permit package for foreign workers
  • Fee is calculated on the total package
  • Free of charge on advising other matters such as work permit, visa extension, resident visa.

Why choosing PNVT for entry visa?

Professional work. Counselors versed in English, versed in procedure in details. We will advise you right at the time of filing what documents are needed or the lack thereof.

Reputable. With 13 years in business dealing with foreign entities, we are known by many private and state organizations for our works.

Saving on expenses. Equipped with man power and resources, we help acquire entry permit with minimal expenses; with fees based on individual case.

Results. Professional relations plus experiences in dealing with permit entry cases, we’ll detect problems before they arise and deal with it efficiently.

For more information regarding entry permits and other needed documents for those who have been vaccinated, please call our hotline 0977 97 99 66.

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