Conditions for applying for an entry visa for foreign experts to Vietnam

It is not easy for foreign experts to enter Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is very important to know the conditions for eligible cases for this entry visa before carrying out the procedures to enter Vietnam. Businesses and foreign workers need to know clearly so that they can apply for an entry visa for foreign experts for the first time to Vietnam, saving both costs and energy while achieving the efficiency for both sides.

apply for an entry visa for foreign experts to vietnam

Condition 1: The right people can apply for a visa to enter Vietnam

Currently, the Vietnamese Government allows the following experts to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam:

* Technical experts:

  • Having a university degree or higher or equivalent and having at least 3 years of working experience in a specialized field of training suitable to the position in which the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam; or
  • Having at least 5 years of experience and having a practice certificate suitable to the position in which the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam, must be of the specified age to work in Vietnam

* Highly-skilled workers:

  • Being trained in technical major or other majors for at least 1 year and working for at least 3 years in the trained major; or
  • Having at least 5 years of experience working in a job suitable to the position that the foreign worker is expected to work in Vietnam.

* Managers, investors:

  • Manager: identified according to the provisions of Clause 24, Article 4 of the Law on Enterprises, or the head or deputy head of an agency or organization;
  • Investor: identified according to Clause 14, Article 3 of the Law on Investment: “Investor as an organization or individual conducting business investment, including domestic investors, foreign investors and foreign-invested economic organizations”.
  • Must have evidence that the manager or investor has paid-in capital.

Condition 2: there must be a corporate guarantee to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam

To apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, foreign experts need to be guaranteed by a business, agency or organization. In particular, that business/agency/organization must make a commitment to guide the implementation of quarantine and isolation monitoring according to regulations.

According to the Official Document No. 14908/SLDTBXH-VLATLD attached herewith and the telegram of the Prime Minister No. 570/CD-TTg dated May 2, 2021 on the rectification and improvement of the effectiveness of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, businesses that submit documents to invite experts to work from April 25, 2021 onward must add a written commitment to perform the followings:

– Instructing foreigners upon entry to comply with regulations on epidemic prevention during the designated quarantine period; self-monitoring their health, not gather in crowded places after completing designated quarantine upon entry, avoiding the spread of the epidemic to the community.

– Paying expenses for foreigners during the designated quarantine period at the quarantine facilities with specified fees.

Condition 3: Preparing and processing entry visa applications in accordance with applicable regulations

In order for the application to not be returned or rejected, the entities/businesses in Ho Chi Minh City need to strictly comply with the following requirements:

– Download and fill out the Forms, List of Proposals, type (using Unicode font, size 14) complete and accurate information. The authorities in Ho Chi Minh City do not accept manuscripts, to avoid misunderstanding due to illegible handwriting (the handwritten documents, wrong character set and the font size will not be supported).

– If the signatory of the request for immigration assistance is an authorized person, the power of attorney must specify the authorization on the application for immigration assistance.

Condition 4: Visitors are not from countries that Vietnam temporarily suspends entry

Currently, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries, the situation of disease control, management and prevention/control are getting more difficult. Therefore, the Government of Vietnam has issued an official dispatch to suspend entry to Vietnam for all cases applying for entry from India, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos until the end of May 30, 2021. Therefore, at this time, businesses that wish to apply for an entry visa for foreign experts from India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos will not be approved by the authorities.

For more advice and support on visa procedures for foreigners entering Vietnam, please call HOTLINE: 0977 97 99 96.

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