Consular authentication of certified work field/ trade expert

Complete consular authentication package for work and trade expertise. Fast result within one or two days. We help to file online and translation in Hanoi and HCM City. Home delivery.

These documents are called “experts certificate,” “certificate of expert,” “expert confirmation letter.” These are important papers in filing for work permit.

Why consular authentication is needed?

These documents were originally issued by foreign authority, hence:

  • Had to be authenticated by consular in order to be accepted by Vietnamese authorities.
  • Directive 152/2020/NĐ-CP requires consular authentication for all foreign issued documents for requesting work permit in Vietnam.

Consular authentication of certified work field/ trade expert

Forms to file for consular authentication of expertise

  • Certification paper (original copy, certified copy of translated copy), attached with one copy and one translated copy.
  • Authentication Form LS/HPH-2012/TK (online filing).
  • Original ID or Passport (one photocopy attached).

Note: Once filing online completed, you will want to submit all the mentioned paper to the responsible agency.

Urgent consular authentication in one or two days

  • Service complete package of consular authentication
  • Representing you file directly, with the result expected in one or two days.
  • Help filing online, translate, authenticate, service provided in Hanoi and HCM City.
  • Receipts provided for every step.
  • Home-delivered result.

Please call hotline for free consultation and help with consular authentication for requesting work permit in Vietnam.

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