Concise Japanese to English translation

Japanese is a hard language in term of syntax and characters structure compared to much popular English language. How then one can accurately translate from Japanese into English. This short essay will explain.

Styles of translation from Japanese into English

There exist two types of translation

  • Direct Japanese into English translation. This type of translation needs only one translator.
  • Relay translation from Japanese into another language; then from that language into English. Two translators are needed for this type of translation.

The former type is more accurate and concise since the translator knows both languages hence no loss in translation. Whereas the relay type might miss the exact meaning since it goes through two languages.

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Ms. Xuân


What does it take to be a good translator

  1.  Language capability: Have to be proficiency in Japanese and English. Understand structure and syntax of both languages, especially English since it’s the final product of the work.
  2.  Subject-matter capability: The translator must have the proper knowledge of the subject he is to translate; good training and on the job training experiences are essential.
  3. Passion for the job: The translator has to perceive translating is serious and important – a slight overlook will deviate the task greatly.
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PNVT guarantees concise Japanese into English translation

In order to have a good translated product, the speciality of the translator is emphasized. Different subjects such as economic/ commerce, contract, notarized document etc. need particular translator.

And the other last important detail in good translation is the human factor. We consider human translators are our most prized commodity. Luckily, we always have good translators with us.

Liên hệ tư vấn ngay

Mrs. Trâm


If you have a need for Japanese to English translation, please come to PNVT.

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