Procedure of driver licence conversion handbook

Be able to drive a car in a foreign country is something that everyone desires. It helps the freedom of movement, saves time and money. Knowing that desire, PNVT compiles all the regulations issued by Vietnam’s General Bureau of Land Transportation in regard of exchanging foreign drive licences issued by American driver licence authority into that of Vietnam.

Foreign visitors as well as Vietnamese who might travel abroad may want to take a look at the procedure of driver licence conversion handbook.

1. Things to know for driver licence conversion

Case 1: Foreign drivers operating motor vehicles in Vietnam

In order to operate a motor vehicle in Vietnam, foreign visitors must convert his licence into that of Vietnamese.

a. Converting foreign driver licence into that of Vietnam’s:

Converting foreign licences into that of Vietnam’s for the country-wide use.

b. Converting international driver licence that is issued by Vietnamese authority

Foreign driver could convert his licence into International Driver licence that is issued by the General Bureau of Land Transportation. This type of driver licence is accepted in 85 countries and is printed in five languages.

Case 2: Vietnamese or Vietnam residents who want to possess driver licences in foreign countries.
a. Converting to IAA issued driver licence
This IAA –issued driver licence is printed in 29 languages and accepted in 190 countries world-wide.

b. Converting to Vietnam-issued driver licence
Converting foreign driver licences into those counties that are members of the 1968 Vienna Convention.

driver licence conversion

2. Usage of Driver licences types

  • When using converted licence, the operator must carry his foreign issued licence and the one issued by Vietnam.
  • Same requirement as above-mentioned with the IAA issued driver licence.
  • With the Vietnam issued driver licence, when operating motor vehicles, the driver must have his country driver licence and one issued by the participating country of the 1968 Vienna Convention.

3. Reminders when converting into international driver licence

  • Reminders when converting into plastic or PET driver licences: 1) Present in Vietnam. 2) Legal address of residency. 3) Unexpired visa. 4) Unadulterated, eligible foreign driver licence. 4) Have to be in Vietnam at least three months.
  • Conversion into international driver licence by Vietnam: 1) Have to have Vietnamese driver licence. 2) To be present in Vietnam. 3) Required legal documents.
    International IAA Driver Licence
  • In order to convert into IAA licence, one has to have: 1) valid passport. 2) Inquire about the acceptance of IAA in visiting countries (since countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China do not recognize IAA licence).

The best way is to inquire from car rental company, friends who have been in those countries, so you won’t waste time and fees.
IAA driver licence is only good for short term business, vacation, visiting trips. Different countries have different acceptance rules for IAA licence. IAA licence is not acceptable as a residing visa.

4. Procedure to convert into international driver licence

Case 1: Procedure to convert into plastic licence in Vietnam:

  1. Photocopy of legal residency
  2. Application
  3. Certified translation of foreign licence
  4. Photocopy of passport

Case 2: Procedure to convert into Vietnam-issued international driver licence

  1. Copy of two-side of passport ID page
  2. Copy of two side of Vietnam-issued driver licence
  3. Photo taken in daytime outdoor with a smart phone for clearly-seen eyes.  A photo should be taken by another for a clear and beautiful scene.
  4. Driver signature

Case 3: Conversion into International IAA Licence

  1. Copy of two-side of original licence
  2. Photo of driver size 5×5; 3×4; or 4×6 with background in blue or white
  3. Driver signature
  4. Personal ID

5.  Recognition of Licence

recognition of licence

6. Online licence conversion

In order to file an application to conversion of licence online that is acceptable by General Land Transportation Bureau, one must have all the required documents as indicated above. Go to and follow the steps.

7. Looking up types of licences

Looking up types of licences as PET or International licnece issued by General Land Transportation Bureau, go to:; for IAA licence, go to

8. Licence Conversion Service in HCM City

PNVT will provide expert service of converting licences. We are at: 217/2A1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCMC– Hotline: 028. 3514.7553.

• Land transportation law number 23/2008/QH12 dated November 13, 2008

• Circular number 12/2017/TT-BGTVT dated April 15, 2017

• Circular number 29/2015/TT-BGTVT dated July 06, 2015

• Circular number 188/2016/TT-BTC dated November 8, 2016

If you do not have time or are in doubt about how to convert your drive licence into that of Vietnam’s, please come to see us. One stop in our office is all you need.

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