Visa Extension Services for Foreigners in HCM City

As a leading visa service provider for travel visitor, investor or business trip for foreigners in Vietnam, PNVT provides efficient and quick result in emergency situation. Our service of visa extension in Vietnam does not require one to exit the country, and protect the legal rights of foreigners.

What visa type matches your needs?

Depends on individual need, foreigners can pick a visa service according to his needs. For examples:

  1.  Tourist visa extension (DL), with maximum three-month duration, can be extended under one-month single-entry visa; one-month multiple-entry visa or three-month single-entry visa or three-month multiple-entry visa.
  2. Relative visiting visa (TT), with maximum 12-month extension for a foreigner relative, or the foreigner is husband, wife, or a child of a Vietnamese citizen
  3. Business visa (DN), extended to maximum 12 months for businessmen who are in Vietnam to do business with their counterparts.
  4. Worker visa (LĐ), extended to two years maximum for those who have work permit, or those who are not in the permit requirement category.
  5. Investment visa (ĐT), with extension of maximum five years, depending on the investment amount and categories. ĐT1 and ĐT2 no more than five years; ĐT3 is no more than three years; ĐT4 is one year maximum.

In the case where the foreigner has ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3 type of visas with the need of longer stay, instead of extension, he can request temporary resident visa for more legal benefits.

visa extension vietnam

The temporary resident card allows exit and entry multiple times without frequent extensions. On this aspect, the foreigner should consider the best way to fit his time and expenses.
Subjects that are in Vietnam, with desires to stay longer can have their visas extend longer. PNVT services list a few instances that often seen here.

Problems about Vietnam visa extension

A few problems encountered when filing for visa extension

  • languages problem causes delay and not time consuming.
  • problems with understanding the correct procedure due to overlapping jurisdiction of entry laws, the work system of various offices, even fines when results arrive late.
  • time spent to wait for decisions from authority, expenses accumulated, pressure from time and emergency situations.

So, instead of doing the visa paperwork yourself, why don’t you try PNVT Services?

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What can PNVT visa services help you?

PNVT with 13 years of wok experiences can help you with visa extension in a quick, efficient, and money saving result.

  • Correct advices on filling documents according with each situation.
  • We take care all the steps, including notarization, translation, consular authentication
  • Fast service for extension for emergency case.
  • Solve problem when it arises.

Why choosing PNVT visa services in HCM city?

  • Complete service package in 32 provinces in Vietnam, Da Nang to Ca Mau.
  • Always execute with the simplest ways.
  • Three days service for emergency situation.
  • Get your visa from the immigration office.
  • PNVT know-how will get the result fast.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Convenient way to pay.
  • Home delivery per request.

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Asides from Vietnam visa extension, PNVT also provides entry and exit procedures, temporary resident card, work permit, driver license conversion, certified translation, consular service etc. Please e-mail us or call 0977 97 99 96, line open 24/7.

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