Procedure to file for Vietnam visa approval letter during covid-19 quarantine period

With the spreading of the Covid-19 disease, many countries around the world that try to limit the evasion yet still want to continue with the manufacturing and producing.
The Vietnam government allows the importation of foreign technicians to work in Vietnam. How does the procedure to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter in the HCM City. We update the most recent information for your business enterprises to review.

What is Vietnam approval letter or entry permit?

Vietnam approval letter or entry permit is different from Singapore entry permit. It gives official permission to a foreigner to enter Vietnam. Then, a foreigner with the approval letter will file for visa stuck to his / her passport at the airport or consulate specified in this letter. Aside from the letter fee, he/she will pay the visa fee. This visa approval letter is similar to the temporary visa or transit visa of the US.

vietnam approval letter

Procedure for visa approval letter in the year 2020

The latest procedure for applying Vietnam approval letter or entry permit in 2020 only applicable to investors, technical workers, high-skilled workers and managers for foreign companies – hereafter referred to as specialists.

In order to protect the health of the community in general, the imported specialists must be guaranteed by business enterprises in special terms of employment. The first step, therefore, is for the enterprises to inform the Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Department about the specialists that are to be entered the country.

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The first step of the procedure is for the enterprises to ask for the entry permits from People’s Committee/Labor Department (with PNVT’s assistance)

Application for the pre-approved letter of consent (PLOC) from City People’s Committee includes

  1. Certified copy of business licence from local authority
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Introduction letter – PNVT supplies this form
  4. Commitment from the Labor Department – PNVT supplies this form
  5. List of anticipated number of entrée – PNVT supplies this form

Depends on individual case, time to get the result varies from one to three working weeks. To documents to expect are permits that allow the entry issued by City People’s Committee.

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Step 2: Applying for visa approval letter to the immigration bureau

Business enterprises, in order to apply for entry permits for their foreign workers, have to prepare to submit to the Immigration Bureau the following documents with PNVT’s assistance

  1. Form NA16 – provided by PNVT
  2. Work schedule – provided by PNVT
  3. Form NA2 with computer bar code – provided by PNVT
  4. Approval document by City People’s Committee – pre-approved
  5. Airline ticket and hotel registration

The Immigration Bureau, after one to two weeks, will send the confirmation for entry permits once the documents meet requirement.

Step 3: Filing the quarantine solutions to Health department

After being done with all the entry permit documents, the employers would continue to submit the method of quarantine with:

  • Pre-approved letter of consent (POLC) that was approved by the City People’s Committee
  • Vietnam visa approval letter (or Entry permit) issued by Immigration Bureau
  • Health quarantine form

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And to give advices to foreigners on to follow rules and procedure on health quarantine.

The visa approval letter or entry permits for the HCM City were rather simple before the spread of Covid-19. Now, with the expansion of the virus and the containment thereof, the procedure is much more complicated. Hence, in order to save time and expenses, one should employ document/permit service company with known reputation. PNVT, with 13 years of experience in service will help those who are not familiar with documents and procedure. Please come to see us with your needs.

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