Consular authentication for documented experiences

For a foreigner who is filing for a work permit, a consular authentication of work experiences is a must. This piece of paper must be translated into Vietnamese and be authenticated by a consular of respective language.

Trade experts, managers, operations directors, technical workers should have consular authentications with their health declarations, personal profiles, education degrees, work experiences … in order to file for work permit applications in Vietnam.

A letter of confirmation of work experiences issued by business organization specifies detail of experience of the holder, confirms the potential and experience of the worker. The confirmation letter is the basis on which to judge whether the subject is qualified for the job or certain position.

Consular authentication for documented experiences

Purposes for consular authentication

  • Consular authentication gets work experience legally certified in Vietnam.
  • This rule applies to all papers issued by foreign countries.
  • Work permit agency requires a letter of confirmation of work experiences to be authenticated by consul.

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Ms. Xuân

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Application for consular authentication requirements

  • Original letter of confirmation of experience, or certified copy of certified translation.
    1. Attached a copy of the letter of confirmation of experiences; no need to be certified, but must have the original copy for comparison.
    2. A copy of Vietnamese translation.
  • Confirmation letter or consular authentication per Form LS/HPH-2012/TK
  • Identification card or passport (one photocopy; no need to be certified).

Note: After filing online, you should have the application printed out, then submit paper documents with the application agency.

Liên hệ tư vấn ngay

Mrs. Trâm

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Why choosing PNVT Services for consular authentication?

  • Consultations and complete consular authentication package.
  • Submit the application promptly; one to two days result.
  • Helping with online filing, translation, authentication, in Hanoi and HCM City.
  • Accept application promptly with receipt.
  • Result is home delivered.

If you have the need for consular authentication, or filing for work permit, please call our hotline for prompt consultation and helps. PNVT helps foreigners with all the needed administrative papers needed in Vietnam.

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