How to carry out repatriation procedures for Vietnamese citizens in 2021

Are you a Vietnamese national and stuck in a foreign country during the outbreak of Covid-19? You want to repatriate, but have difficulty in applying for the repatriation approval letter and have no control over it; you do not know the repatriation date when performing procedures for returning to Vietnam at the Vietnam Embassy in the host country?

In addition to the relief flight plan (registered at the Vietnam Embassy in the host country), you (applied for Vietnamese citizens on international commercial flights) can now return to Vietnam  by APPLYING FOR THE APPROVAL LETTER of the Government of Vietnam. Priority cases, required conditions and repatriation procedures for Vietnamese citizens to return to their home country will be specified as follows:

repatriation procedures for Vietnamese citizens

Who is allowed perform repatriation procedures?

Under the authorization of the Prime Minister to facilitate Vietnamese citizens returning home on commercial flights, the National Steering Committee for Covid Pandemic Control will consider and approve a number of cases of entry into Vietnam. Below are those who are allowed to repatriate to Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Vietnamese citizens studying (only those studying online, having finished their studies), workers and tourists who are stuck in a foreign country (the elderly returning to Vietnam for family reunions) wish with good reasons to return to Vietnam during the Covid-19 pandemic. In which, repatriation priority cases include:

Workers with expired labor contracts, who are unemployed, earn no income

– Students under 18 years old, students who have graduated (completed) a course

 Vietnamese citizens on short-term trips abroad, businessmen and intellectuals stuck by the Covid-19 pandemic, facing financial, accommodation difficulties, and other special difficult cases.

Repatriation refers to the return by a citizen residing abroad to the country where that citizen was born. Repatriation is adjusted as agreed by the two countries or according to the laws of the countries and carried out according to the wishes of the repatriating person. Vietnamese citizens, when satisfying the conditions for their repatriation, will be considered and approved for repatriation.

repatriation procedure

What are the conditions for applying for repatriation to Vietnam?

– Having documents proving that the person holds Vietnamese nationality or dual nationality (2 nationalities including Vietnamese nationality).

– Having family members in Vietnam who agree to sponsor

– Having a detailed quarantine plan

– Having all valid documents, taking the Covid-19 test in accordance with regulations.

Điều kiện làm thủ tục xin hồi hương về Việt Nam

How to carry out repatriation procedures in Covid-19 pandemic?

There are two ways for Vietnamese citizens to complete the repatriation procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Option 1: Registering for repatriation on the relief flight on the website of the Embassy of Vietnam in the host country (where the citizen is residing)

To register for repatriation, you’ll find information on relief flights of Vietnamese citizens. Fill in the information on the registration link, choose repatriation time (if you are lucky enough to get a relief flight) and wait for the email’s response from the Embassy. In the absence of flight relief information, you can call the Embassy directly for assistance. See the list of Vietnamese embassies abroad at

This is the plan to for the “passive” repatriation, because you absolutely do not know how long it will take to have a relief flight available? The relief flight may run out of seats due to late registration…. You can wait from 1 month, 6 months to 1 year to be able to return to your country: 1) because there must be enough people for a flight of 200 – 350 seats; 2) Subject to the approval of the Government of Vietnam (on the basis of the epidemic situation, the control of the epidemic, the ability to respond to medical quarantine at a particular time, the epidemic situation in the host country). Therefore, repatriation to Vietnam under this plan is quite beyond one’s control, sometimes it is just expectation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

vietnamese citizens' repitriation

Option 2: Applying for a repatriation approval letter from the Government of Vietnam on a commercial flight

This is the plan to carry out repatriation procedures to Vietnam proactively, you will follow the following process:

1. Find a commercial flight to Vietnam

2. Family members in Vietnam make a sponsor statement for Vietnamese citizens living abroad to repatriate. The sponsor form must be certified by a commune-level People’s Committee.

sponsor statement for vietnamese citizens stayding aboard for returning vietnam

(Sponsor statement for Vietnamese citizens staying aboard for returning Vietnam)

>>> Download the sponsor statement for Vietnamese citizens staying abroad for returning Vietnam.doc

3. Submit the application for repatriation approval letter for Vietnamese citizens to National Steering Committee for Covid Epidemic Control, and wait for the approval.

4. Have an entry approval letter, it is necessary to book an flight ticket, a quarantine hotel, a travel plan from the airport to the quarantine hotel.

5. Conduct Covid Test within 72 hours before flight time and at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

6. Move to the quarantine hotel, comply with the regulations for 14-day quarantine.

Although the above procedures for applying for repatriation to Vietnam are more proactive, it takes a lot of time. To ensure 100% of the repatriation approval letter from the Government of Vietnam, please use the full-package Repatriation Procedure Service for Vietnamese citizens by PNVT.

repatriation approval letter from vietnam government

Benefits of repatriation procedure service of PNVT


Among the Top 10 prestigious administrative services in Ho Chi Minh City, PNVT not only works closely with businesses in applying for entry visas for foreign experts to work in Vietnam, but PNVT also accompanies and supports Vietnamese overseas to repatriate. PNVT understands that returning to the homeland and being in the safe arms of the country – the people – as well as that of family members is always the happiness of all those who live far from home.

We, PNVT, are always ready to give free advice and full support to all steps in the process of applying for repatriation approval letters from the Government of Vietnam and help you save as much time as possible. Specifically:

1. Counseling on all inquiries about repatriation procedures and services

You only need to provide the following documents for repatriation procedures:

  • For Vietnamese overseas: Scan passports
  • For relatives in Vietnam: Identity cards, household registration books
  • The form will be guided by PNVT to fill out with 100% accuracy

2. Full-service support for repatriation procedures for Vietnamese citizens, including: comfortable quarantine hotel reservations for 14 days (room with window, 30 square meters wide, Wi-Fi Free on-site, all meals, etc.), safe transportation from the Airport to the Hotel, support for repatriation procedures, etc.

3. Vietnamese nationals repatriating will be taken care of from A to Z

4. Providing accurate, professional and fast repatriation procedure information

5. Always closely following the procedures for repatriation to Vietnam

6. Regularly updating the status of repatriation procedures for Vietnamese citizens

service of petriation for vietnamese citizens

(Repatriation approval letter for Vietnamese citizens staying abroad)

Please contact the Service of Repatriation to Vietnam at Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company Limited (PNVT):

– Address: 217/2A1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Email: – Phone: 028 3514 7572

– Office is open (From Monday to Friday)

+ Morning: 8:00 – 12:00

+ Afternoon: 13:15-17:15



Advice on procedures for repatriation to Vietnam in a simple and easy to understand manner.

– 100% guarantee  of the repatriation approval letter for Vietnamese citizens

– Completion of repatriation procedures from A to Z in about 2 weeks

– Refunding 100% of the service fee if the repatriation approval letter is not available

– Absolutely no additional costs

– Handling all cases incurred during the repatriation procedures.

Therefore, if you urgently need to return to our country but have difficulty in performing the repatriation procedure, let PNVT’s experts advise and accompany in handling your application, supporting the repatriation procedure to come back to Vietnam. PNVT’s consulting team is always ready to assist you 24/7 during your trip back to Vietnam. HOTLINE: 0977979996.



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