All-in landing visa service at Tan Son Nhat airport give you VIP treatment

All-in landing visa service or airport pickup service provided by PNVT really impresses foreigners from the time of getting of the airplane to the time of getting out of the airport. You do nothing but wait if using our service. Besides, our pickup service serves you right purposes of travel, study, work abroad, business trips or family / friend visit in Viet Nam. In contrast, you can see other immigrants in a hurry applying for a landing visa by asking for directions, making a queue etc if it’s the first time for them to fly into Vietnam. If you don’t know how to arrange the procedures or you don’t have enough time to make a VIP treatment of your guests, why not use PNVT’s VIP treatment service (or landing visa service) at the airport that give your partner a remarkable insight with support of our officers.

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Procedures after getting off the plane

After disembarking from an airline flight, if you are an international visitor, you must go to the customs area for immigration procedures. If you are a Vietnamese who takes the domestic flight, after disembarking from an airline flight, you will go directly to the baggage reclaim area. Within the scope of this article, we only discuss what foreigners need to do after getting off an airline flight.

According to regulations at Tan Son Nhat Airport, after getting off an airline flight, foreigners will move to the immigration counters for immigration procedures, reclaim their baggage before they can leave the airport.

Why use PNVT’s all-in landing visa service to give you VIP treatment?

As mentioned above, when you get off the plane, you first need to go to the immigration area for immigration procedures.
In this area, international visitors may see different immigration counters, some for diplomatic officials and some for civilians, etc. Normally international visitors have to stand in line to present your passports/visas. After getting a visa stamp or any relevant document stamp, filling out some forms (in accordance with applicable regulations, subjects) or answering some questions regarding immigration into Viet Nam (even if your documents are valid for security purposes), you shall go to the baggage reclaim area.

However, there are lots of carousels in this baggage reclaim area, so how you can find the right carousel of your flight to get your baggage. There are some cases where the luggage is bulky, making travelling difficult (even if you have a trolley). Not to mention, if you cannot find your luggage, you must declare and contact the airlines. If you leave this area and have not declared your missing baggage, you cannot go back to do it.

Besides, when you leave the airport, if you bring taxable items, you must declare and pay taxes. Afterwards, you get out, catch a taxi to the city center or to the outskirts of the city.

However, booking a car at the airport is also a problem if you do not know the streets, the country’s practices and communication, especially their language, which would be very problematic. There are cases when you have to pay a huge extra amount for not knowing things.

Therefore, if you are a foreign visitor who comes to Viet Nam for the first time, you don’t know the streets, the immigration procedures and areas, the baggage claim area or the exits, it will be time-consuming for you at the airport.

If you use the all-in landing visa service at Tan Son Nhat airport of PNVT, you will feel carefree. Indeed, you can also see that although there are detailed and clear regulations and instructions, but for those who first come to Vietnam, the procedures at the airport are not simple, the steps must be done in a sequential manner and according to regulations. However, now you do not need to worry because all the steps after you get off the plane will be carried out by PNVT.

Therefore, in order to save your time, money and effort, you should use the AIRPORT PICK UP SERVICE of Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company (PNVT). This service is offered by PNVT to help the pick up process at the airport become a safe and fast one, especially to help foreigners feel secure when coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to travel, study and work.

The reason why we come up with this idea is because we understand that after a long trip, surely you want to go to a place where you can rest and relax. Therefore, while you rest and relax at the airport lounge or VIP room, we will complete the procedures at the airport for the shortest time. This is how we help you relax, have the procedures carried out, and save your time.

PNVT commits to offer a trustworthy, quality, safe and fast pickup service at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Understanding the difficulties faced by customers when they first enter Vietnam by plane, understanding the difficulties of businesses/government institutions/organizations when they cannot arrange staffs, do not have time to pick up their visitors (partners, managers, heads, etc.) from the airport, PNVT provides the pick up service at Tan Son Nhat airport aiming to:

– Help customers carry out immigration procedures quickly, without standing in line. In particular, we will complete all necessary forms and get all documents required to receive your visas at the international border gate at the airport.

– Quickly reclaim all your baggage;

– Handle unexpected situations such as making a declaration if the luggage is missing; filling out declaration forms and pay taxes on taxable goods;

– Escort customers off the airport quickly. Customers do not have to wait at the immigration counter or customs area.

– Ensure connection between all vehicles to help customers arrive at the destination in a safe and fast manner;
PNVT – having over 10 years of experience in the area of administrative procedures related to foreigners, we are now a company that masters the procedures and processes in all the areas at the airport. So, you can rest assured when you first come to Vietnam.

You shouldn’t be worried because PNVT is here to help you feel more confident when coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Especially, apart from the airport pickup service at Tan Son Nhat airport, if the customer intends to apply for a visitor visa, renew Vietnam visa for foreigners, apply for a work permit, a temporary residence card, transfer of a foreign driving license, and so on to work and live permanently in Vietnam, you can contact us. We are proud to have been the language bridge between Vietnam and international friends for over the past 10 years./.


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