Urgent 1-day service of temporary resident card Vietnam for foreigners in HCMC

Are you “stuck” due to a time limit? Are you in urgent need of a temporary resident card (Vietnam), unable to arrange a schedule to apply for a temporary resident card for foreigners in Vietnam? Are you worried about language barriers when carrying out the procedures at the competent authorities? While the deadline for making a temporary resident card for foreigners will be in 1 day, you wonder how to solve the problem by yourself? Don’t worry, there will always be a solution in all situations.

temporary resident card vietnam

A temporary resident card means a document issued by an immigration authority or a competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a foreigner who is allowed to reside for a period of time in Vietnam and is valid for as a visa. Foreigners who violate the regulations on temporary resident cards can be administratively sanctioned up to VND 40 million, revoked or expelled from the territory of Vietnam.

Administrative procedures are usually time-consuming for foreigners, especially when they don’t know all the steps, not to mention that it is not possible to quickly process the documents by themselves in case of urgent need of temporary resident cards for foreigners within 1-2 days.

According to the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam (No. 51/2019/QH14) in 2019, issued on November 25, 2019: The cases of foreigners entering on visas with symbols LV1, LV2, LS, ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ1, LĐ2, TT and foreigners who are members of diplomatic agencies, consular offices, representative offices of international organizations affiliated to the United Nations, intergovernmental organizations in Vietnam, and spouses, children under 18 years of age, and accompanying helpers during their office term, will be issued with temporary resident cards.

Can PNVT proceed the temporary resident card within a day?

COMMENTS ON THE SERVICE OF APPLYING FOR Temporary resident cards for foreigners

Mr. Phuong – who used the service of applying for a temporary resident card in 1 day at PNVT

Having forgotten to extend his temporary resident card, when my expat colleage needed to go on a business trip in Thailand, he checked his temporary resident card, it was only 2 days until its expiration. At that time, I did not know what to do, the business trip was urgent. I asked around but then I thought I should look up in the Internet, I accidentally found out about PNVT. Because it was urgent, I took my expat colleage to PNVT office. Besides, as I heard about many fraudulent services, I chose to go directly to the office to see with my own eyes. Of course, caution keeps you from loss of money and trouble.

When I arrived at PNVT, I got very detailed consultation from the staff. There, they worked professionally and quickly, they asked us in details about our case which is application for temporary resident card for investors, the capital shown on the business registration certificate, business trip duration, how to receive the results. PNVT also explained what to do in case of delay of the temporary resident card, how to use temporary resident cards upon immigration. I left some documents there in the list of documents for application of a temporary resident card of my expat colleague and filled out all the forms as instructed by PNVT, all of which were done just in the morning. To save time, I asked to have the results of the temporary resident card delivered to my house. I felt very secure even though this was the first time doing business with PNVT. The clarity, transparency, and professionalism of PNVT has helped my expat colleage get his temporary resident card after only 1 working day, and he is very happy to be able to go on a business trip in Thailand.

I am very impressed and like PNVT. I wish you every success!

Can we make an enormous difference to the temporary resident card for foreigners?

With all required valid documents, the application for temporary resident card for foreigners in Vietnam can be done EASILY and FAST within 1 BUSINESS DAY at PNVT, by:

-> Professional file handling team, solving all urgent cases in 1 day: having many years of experience, fluent in the process, know how to handle each type of document, application form, skills in handling situations as there is no case that PNVT has not dealt with.

> Package processing from A-Z the procedures for applying for temporary resident cards for foreigners without go through any intermediary stages, including translation, notarization and consular legalization. All processes are directly carried out by our multi-service company, so it considerably shortens the time for processing documents and procedures.

-> PNVT always provides the list of documents on the first day of consultation, follow up to process the documents, update full information and ready to provide different options for you to choose (depending on the specific case) so long as it is the most suitable, economical and effective for you and convenient for us.

A foreigner can legally stay in Vietnam when he/she has one of the following documents: 1) Temporary resident card; 2) Visa; 3) 5-year visa exemption certificate. However, the Temporary Resident card is the most valuable document, as the length of stay can be up to 10 years.

combo temporary resident card

Is there a cost-effective COMBO for applying for a temporary resident card at PNVT?

In particular, choosing PNVT services is CHOOSING a COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION with COMBOs for different consulting categories such as: description of the use of temporary resident cards when doing immigration procedures at Vietnam international airports, consulting lawsuits – application for new/renewed temporary resident cards for spouses/ children of a foreigner, Vietnam visa extension if not eligible for temporary resident card, handling cases of overdue or late temporary resident cards, and the procedure for changing a Vietnamese driver’s license or supporting in reminding the renewal of the temporary resident card, delivering the result of temporary resident cards to the foreigner at home (if requested), etc.

Can we make an enormous difference to the temporary resident card for foreigners?

The important thing when getting a temporary resident card for a foreigner for 1 day lies in the preparation stage. When using PNVT services, you will be guided through this process very meticulously and specifically:

Step 1: Deliver or mail the application to PNVT office (prepare: documents proving that the applicant is eligible for a temporary resident card, valid passport and visa, 3cm x4cm photo (if not available, PNVT will help you to take pictures), the certificate of temporary residence certified by the local police (PNVT will guide the filling out of the forms,).

To make it fast, you should send the photographed copies of the documents via zalo/email to PNVT for advice, which will be more convenient because when PNVT have the documents, we will give specific and informed advice right at the beginning.

Step 2: After studying, consulting and evaluating your case for applying a temporary resident card, PNVT will provide an economical, effective solution, suggesting the most appropriate solution.

When you agree to use the service, PNVT will issue a receipt or confirm by SMS/email about the receipt of the documents (if the documents are sent to the office).

Payment method: You can deposit a part or pay 100% of the service fee to make a temporary resident card before or after receiving the result by bank transfer or in cash.

Step 3: You fill out the form as instructed by PNVT. Once completed, we will regularly update the information and will notify you when the results are issued.

Step 4: Receiving the result at the office (remember to take the receipt with you to the office). In case the results will be delivered at home, PNVT will notify you in advance so that you can arrange a time to receive the results at the place you designated.


The reputation of the service of applying for temporary resident cards for foreigners at PNVT?

There are dozens of services of applying for temporary resident cards for foreigners in Vietnam. So how do you not “be fooled” when choosing a service?

With 13 years of processing immigration procedures for foreigners, PNVT is a reputable service provider in Ho Chi Minh City. We always respect every call, every set of documents of our customers. We choose the philosophy: APPLYING FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARDs for foreigner as if IT IS FOR YOUR OWN.

Because of professionalism, we always ensure service quality, result time, schedule and reasonable costs. WHAT WE COMMIT, WE DELIVER and we are always consistent about what documents to be prepared and prices. In particular, PNVT will REFUND 100% if we do not help you get the results of your temporary resident card as expected. Therefore, PNVT always earned the trust and many returning customers and businesses when they need to apply for a temporary resident card for foreigners in Vietnam.


Many foreign customers in many countries and their family members who have the chance to visit Vietnam contacted PNVT, because we are always serious in delivering our COMMITMENTS:

– Providing services to apply for temporary resident card within a day for complete documents.

– Deliver the temporary resident card on time;

– Temporary resident card is 100% genuine;

– Solve all problems of the application, advise solutions suitable for each specific case to obtain a temporary resident card

– All the problems of the application documents for temporary resident cards for foreigners will be solved by PNVT without incurring additional costs. PNVT will refund if you cannot get a temporary resident card;

– PNVT will correct the incorrect information on the temporary resident card, if the error is a typo.

– Providing a package service from A to Z, free translation, notarization, consular legalization fee.

– Supporting home delivery (as requested by the customer)

Therefore, when you are worried about language barriers and need to apply for a temporary resident card for foreigners, you should not carry out the procedure by yourself but refer to the PNVT temporary resident card service. With many years of experience in the field of handling administrative procedures for foreigners, PNVT will solve all problems and difficulties to get results in just 1 business day. Please quickly press the register button for advice and support.

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