Settlement of work permit refusal

Department of Labor, lately, has tightened the ratification of work permit applications. Numerous applications have been returned. Some cases even led to the inspection of the company’s employment of foreigners. Such issue troubles the companies extremely. Therefore, Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company undertakes to settle the work permit applications refused in writing.

Settlement of work permit refusal

Work permit applications refused in writing

There are numerous situations for the refusal of work permits. We will provide the regular cases of work permit applications refused in writing:

  • Foreigners have resided in Vietnam for over 3 months and have not applied for a work permit.
  • According to the regulations, foreigners working in Vietnam for over 3 months must apply for work permits. In fact, beforing applying for work permits, foreigners usually overstay the 3-month limit to get accustomed to the local ways, make arrangements and adapt to the Vietnamese work environment … Three months normally do not suffice if the company does not make advance arrangements by opening a branch or representative office in Vietnam.
  • A sudden incident may obstruct you from exiting Vietnam and prolong your stay in over 3 months without a work permit. It is truly difficult to apply for a work permit in this situation. Though being trivial, such situation becomes the main reason of the written refusal of the work permit.
  • Though having no prior work permit, you are required to apply for the Criminal Record by Vietnam Department of Justice.

Conflict: Department of Justice provides the criminal record regardless of the foreigners’ possession of a work permit. Foreigners are only required to register with the local police for verification to obtain the criminal record. No administrative fine is required. On the other hand, the Department of Labor requires foreigners residing in over 3 months to attain work permits. Such fact confuses foreigners.

We advise that foreigners in such situation should attain the criminal records from overseas.

  • Though you have 5 years of working experience, your work permit is refused in writing. Previously, foreigners’ 5-year or longer working experience could substitute the university degrees for relevant jobs. Such regulation is removed. The new regulation puts many foreigners in a dilemma as they fail to attain work permits or get refused in writing for work permits.

There are many more refusal situations that you may not be aware of. Such situations cost your time and money but you do not get your work permits – as the work permits are refused in writing.

Why should you employ the work permit services by Phu Ngoc Viet?

As the veteran in this sector, we proudly affirm our deep knowledge of the formalities for the settlement of work permits. Once your documents are deemed eligible by us, your work permit will be certainly renewed. The reasons lead to your choice of the work permit refusal settlement service by Phu Ngoc Viet:

  • Deep knowledge of work permit regulations.
  • Zealous, amiable and dedicated staff
  • Reasonable cost
  • Our motto is “getting it done before getting paid”
  • High sense of responsibility and professional dedication: When we qualify and accept your case, we will strive to have it done through all difficulties.

If you are stuck in the said situations and your work permit applications are refused in writing, call Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company, the expert on difficult situations. We are prepared to “guide” your long-term employment in Vietnam

We wish for your happiness and success in life!

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