Obtain a temporary residence card with just your passport

A foreigner must obtain a work permit before applying for a temporary residence card. However, a variety of requirements, such as the possession of a university degree and the costly consular legalization of the dossier, make it hard to earn a work permit. A small error may lead to the outright rejection of your application. PNVT can advise you to obtain a temporary residence card with just your passport.

Obtain a temporary residence card with just your passport

How can a temporary residence card be obtained with just a passport?

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company has truly helped numerous foreigners to obtain the so-called super temporary residence card and live in Vietnam, buy the apartments and perform commercial transactions … A super temporary residence card, despite its equivalence with an ordinary temporary residence card, can be obtained with an insufficient dossier. Though you may not complement your missing documents, we can “remove your burden of documentation”.

What should be done if you are not eligible for a temporary residence card?

The following individuals are legally eligible for a temporary residence card”

1. A foreigner who is the shareholder of a limited liability company with two or more shareholders;

2. A foreigner who owns a a limited liability company with only one founding member (except for the authorized representative);

3. A foreigner who belongs to a Board of Directors of a joint stock company’

4. A foreign lawyer who receives the license from the Ministry of Justice for his practice in Vietnam according to the laws;

5. A foreigner who has a work permit and is employed by a company or representative office of a foreign business’

6. A foreign specialist or student who is working for or participating in a national program between the Ministries or Agencies according to the Government’s approval;

7. Family members (parents, spouse, children) who accompany the card holder.

(Source: http://xnc.congan.com.vn)

Can you obtain a temporary residence card if none of those 7 types match you? – The answer to such question is subject to Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company.

With years of experience, we can help you prepare an “unfulfilled dossier” that may miss some documents. After you have your temporary residence card, the “unfulfilled” documents shall gradually be unnecessary. If you are worried about it, you can think of the vital points of the affair.

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation has never given up on such a challenge and has always proved our outstanding capacities and experience.

PNVT “does our best to accomplish what we accept”. Eventually, the foreigners can receive their temporary resident card to live in Vietnam.

Why you should choose our service for your SUPER temporary residence card?

As a field veteran, we proudly affirm our profound knowledge of the foreigner’s temporary residence card requirements. You should choose our temporary residence card service, because:

– We are conversant with the legal regulations for visa extension

– We are honest and accommodating

– We are well prepared for the temporary residence card requirements. You must do nothing but give us your original passport and sign the prepared papers. You can save much of your valuable time.

– Results are announced in timely manner

– Price is fixed reasonably

– We “only get paid for what we accomplish”

– We are highly responsible and devoted: We can finish what we accept, and we never give up on the challenging cases that we take in.

– We get paid when we finish your assignments. Otherwise, full refund is available.

Call us for the best advises to save your time and money and enhance your work efficiency.

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation has last-minute solutions for “SUPER temporary residence card” if you do not meet the temporary residence card requirements.

We wish for your joy and success!

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