Formalities to apply for a first temporary residence card

A foreigner, who desires to temporarily live in Vietnam in a year or more, can apply for a 1-year or 3-year temporary residence card from an authorized immigration office of the Ministry of Public Security. The holder of the temporary residence card is not required to have an immigration visa during the validity of the card (Section 3, Article 15, the Ordinance on the foreigner’s immigration in Vietnam). This article shall guide you about the documents necessary for a foreigner to apply for a temporary residence card in Ho Chi Minh City. These requirements are applicable to the Vietnamese expatriates who hold a foreign passport and settle in foreign countries.

Formalities to apply for a first temporary residence card

The documents required for the first issuance of a temporary residence card

1/ One written petition for the issuance of temporary residence card (Form NA7), and a declaration of the foreign petitioner’s information (Form NA8) with two 3×4 photos (please see the guidance for the specifications of the said photos, the sealing, and the affixture of the seal on the adjoining edge of the photo and the form NA8).

2/ The images of the valid passport, visa and immigration form (please bring the original for comparison).

3/ A copy (with the original, for comparison) of the written evidence of the purpose of your stay in Vietnam (including but not limited to: investment license, business license, work permit, certificate of membership from a board of directors, representative office license, birth certificate, marriage certificate …)

The benefits of a temporary residence card

– With a temporary resident card, a foreigner is permitted to purchase an apartment and, in the possible future, a house. To settle the stagnation of the real estate market, the Ministry of Construction is proposing the foreigner’s eligibility for the purchase of a house in Vietnam.

– During the validity of a temporary residence card, a foreigner is permitted to stay in Vietnam in a long term.

– With a temporary residence card, a foreigner is permitted to carry out the business procedures or get married …

Further information is available in the section of Foreigner’s temporary resident card renewal.

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