Renewal of temporary resident card

The term “Renewal of Vietnam temporary residence card” is just a habitual phrase of Vietnamese people. A foreigner’s temporary residence card, upon its expiration or nullification, shall be revoked and replaced by an Immigration Agency or the Vietnam Immigration Department, then a new temporary residence issued. No time extension is recorded directly onto the card.

Renewal of temporary resident card

After obtaining a temporary residence card, a foreigner is not required to apply for or extend his Vietnamese visa during the term of the said card (Section 3, Article 15, Ordinance on foreigner’s immigration and stay in Vietnam). A temporary residence card is valid as a Visa and a resident permit. In this article, we shall mention the situations that are eligible and ineligible for the renewal of a temporary residence card and the relevant procedures.

Eligibility for the renewal of the temporary residence card

A foreigner, upon the expiration of his temporary residence card, is entitled to apply for another card according to the laws of Vietnam. Such privilege is only awarded upon:

– Investors (The term of the investment license must be, at least, 1 year)

– Heads of non-governmental offices (The term of the operation license must be, at least, 01 year).

– Foreign workers who receive their work permits from the provincial or city’s departments of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (The work permit must be valid for at least 01 year and must be extended 30 days prior to its expiration).

Ineligibility for the renewal of the temporary residence card

– If your temporary residence card is lost, the issuer must be immediately informed. The dossier for the re-issuance of your temporary residence card is similar to that for the renewal. However, it must include an affidavit of loss endorsed by a guaranteeing organization. The processing of your case requires 14 work days.

– If the validity of your passport is less than 1 year, you are not eligible for a temporary residence card.

– The validity of your temporary residence card must be, at least, 01 month shorter than that of your passport.

Requirements for the replacement of your temporary residence card

1/ One written petition for the issuance of temporary residence card (Form N7A), and a declaration of the foreign petitioner’s information (Form N7B) with two 3×4 photos (please see the guidance for the specifications of the said photos, the sealing, and the affixture of the seal on the adjoining edge of the photo and the form N7B).

2/ The images of the valid passport, visa and immigration form (please bring the original for comparison).

3/ A copy (with the original, for comparison) of the written evidence of the purpose of your stay in Vietnam (this is not required if you desire to replace an equivalent card for the change of your passport number, or your dependants (wife, children …) receive their temporary residence card).

4/ The original of the former temporary residence card.

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