Urgent Work Permit Service

According to the 2015’s immigration law and the current labor law, a foreigner working in Vietnam is required to possess a work permit. Though it is not easy to obtain a work permit, Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company, with years of experience, makes impossible things feasible: Urgent Work Permit Service

Urgent Work Permit

Ordinary Issue Time To Obtain A Work Permit

According to the current regulations, a work permit is issued by the Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs in 2 working weeks, or about 20 work days upon the receipt of full documents.

The receipt of full documents does not result in the certain issue of a work permit. After the regulated time, the Department will respond in writing about its refusal of work permit and reasons. Consequently, the applicants for work permits will be anxious about the certainty of the work permits? How should the explanation papers be prepared? Another 2 working weeks will be wasted for the submission of the explanation papers. We only describe facts and do not mean to worry you. We are advising you to be mentally prepared and make scientific arrangements to make sure the issue of a work permit in case of expiring visas that lead to failure of application for temporary residence card or accrued expenses.

How long does the Urgent work permit service take?

In fact, the Urgent Work Permit Service by Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company is only a regular-time service that shortens the work permit issue time with the documents perfectly prepared through our professional experience and deep knowledge of regulations.

Such preparation will prevent:

– The prolongation of the work permit processing time due to the written refusal.

– Unnecessary anxiety about the certainty of the work permit issue.

– The disturbing consequence of the work permit refusal: visa extension

– The addition of documents and the cost of time …

Indeed, the time of the Urgent Work Permit Service is 01 working week. Such advantage will bring great and meaningful benefits to those who lack knowledge of the work permit but desire to try applying. You may try after doing a thorough research, but it takes time to comprehend the work permit formalities.

If you are in need of the Urgent Work Permit Service, call us for the best counsels.


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