Timely and secure visa renewal in Vietnam for all nationalities

If you want to stay in Vietnam longer than the permitted visa duration, you will need visa renewal (or Vietnam visa extension). However, it might be very difficult in circumstances as follows:

  • Visa  has been issued for wrong purpose of visit, normally for immigration into Vietnam as tourists or visa-exempt nationals.
  • Expired or overstayed visa
  • Desired solutions for change of visa purposes
  • Foreigners with sensitive nationalities such as those from Africa, Middle East, etc.
  • DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO to renew your visa?

vietnam visa renewal for sure within the day

“Under Article 7 of the Law No. 47/2014/QH13 effective from 1st January, 2015, visa purpose (type) must not be changed during stay in Vietnam, i.e., if you enter Vietnam as tourist, your visa is only extended for tourism but not for business purpose, etc.”.

Visa renewal usually takes 5 working days as from the date of receiving a full set of valid dossiers, excluding weekends. Dossiers often include the original passport, one 4x6cm photo, a copy of temporary residence book, and an NA5 form

Most of our clients whose visas are expired or issued for wrong purpose of visit are very embarrassed and do not know what to do. In some cases, they might need visa to be renewed within 1 or 2 days to go abroad for meetings with business partners but could not make application by themselves, being afraid that they might miss chance to meet with the partners if visa is not issued as promised by incapable companies. PNVT SUPPORTS CLIENTS IN GETTING TIMELY AND SECURE VISA RENEWAL.

contact us to renew vietnam visa

0977 97 99 96 (Ms. Ngọc)

With 10 years of experience in providing immigration services, we understand the importance and urgency of visa renewal and thus always strive for improvement of our services mainly on the following bases:

  • 10 years of experience in visa services
  • Regular updates on changes of visa procedures in Vietnam
  • Practical advice to clients on selecting the best option among visa renewal, application for temporary residence cards or 5-year visa exemption based on purpose of visit in order to save costs.

Up to now, PNVT has always served the best interests of our clients by ENSURING 100% OF SUCCESSFUL VISA RENEWAL, which only few companies could do. By putting our clients’ interests as top priority, PNVT is renowned for:

  • Thoroughly solving any problem arising, from the time of preparing dossiers to making declarations at local police
  • Simple procedures
  • Finding solutions to visa issued for wrong purpose of visit
  • Renewing visa for 6 months – 1 year as requested by clients, renewing visa within 1-2 days.
  • Renewing overstayed visa
  • Renewing visa for clients without temporary residence cards, etc.
  • Renewing visa for clients from sensitive nationalities such as Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, African countries, etc

contact us to renew vietnam visa0977 894 613 (Ms. Hoa)

PNVT undertakes to:

  • Return visa timely and take NO PAYMENT FOR UNSUCCESSFUL VISA RENEWAL.
  • Provide FREE-OF-CHARGE services relating to correction of visa errors if such errors are caused by competent authorities.
  • Deal with all problems arising after receiving dossiers.
  • NOT TO CHANGE FEES after receiving dossiers.

You only need to send the original passport and one 4x6cm photo to PNVT 1 day before the date your visa is expired.DON’T LET IT BE TOO LATE

If you are looking for a company to help secure 100% OF SUCCESSFUL VISA RENEWAL for your stay and work in Vietnam without fear of being fined or expelled, PNVT is the right choice for you. Do not hesitate but just take your phone and call us. PNVT is always by your side in DEALING WITH ANY PROBLEM IN ANY CASE AS “OUR MISSION IS DEALING WITH YOUR DIFFICULTIES”.

contact us to renew vietnam visa0981 059 551 (Ms. An)

Why you should not use cheap visa services provided by agencies without correct addresses?

As you might know, original passports are needed for visa renewal application. If you just randomly choose any agency without knowing how and where it is doing business, how can you make sure that your passport is safely kept by such agency? If the agency keeps your passport for good and you do not know where it is,  you are in deep trouble.

While fees are important, 5-10% of difference in visa service fees is not as important as the fact that whether or not the agency will meet your requirements on timely, secure, and legitimate visa renewal as well as whether such agency is willing to support you in unexpected events, for example, in case you need your passport and visa for an urgent flight in the same day.

For visa services, reputation and knowledge of providers are reflected in giving professional advice, clearing all questions up, and proposing the best solution for clients.

It is easy to find agencies providing cheap visa renewal services. However, they often do not return your visa timely, which might have an adverse effect on your business.  Why? That is because such agencies often wait to collect dossiers from several clients prior to submission to authorities, or make multiple applications. If accepted, visa is timely issued. Otherwise, the process will be delayed, resulting in late visa return.

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Tel: (028) 3514 7572 | (028) 3514 7944 | (028) 3514 7013 – Hotline: 0977 97 99 96 | 0902 596 297
Email: [email protected]
Website: pnvt.vn


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